OVFF 2004

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October 29-31, 2004

Columbus, Ohio

Ok, finally I'm putting my images up to be looked at. This is about half of the pictures I took at OVFF 2004. In picking the images I tried to get a sense of what was going on at the con where I was (I spent over half the con working sound most of my time was watching what was going on on stage in the main ballroom). These pictures had a quick mostly automated first pass at exposure adjustment but other than that are just resized for web viewing.

I took a few stereoscopic (3d) pictures as mostly an experiment. They can be found here.

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*** Note, the thumbnail images below were made large but with very high compression to reduce download time of the thumbnail page. This level of compression causes significant artifacting/distortion in the thumbnail images that is not present in the larger versions. ***

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page-1, page-2, page-3, page-4, page-5, page-6, page-7, page-8, page-9, page-10

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