Pictures Taken at FKO April 5-7 2002

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Here are about 250 of the images I captured at FKO 2002. Some are ok, some suck. The (ir)rationale for choosing which pictures to put up and which to leave down is complex and largely driven by lack of sleep. I tried to get lots of people, lots of situations, and in general tried to make people look good (or at least as good as I managed to get). There are lots of other reasons for including or scrapping a photo. I won't go into that here

These criteria mean that I put up some images of poor quality, and left behind a few that look pretty good.

These are all extremely low resolution due to bandwidth and disk constraints. The originals are of MUCH higher resolution (1 - 2 mb / image) and I can get individual images to people on request.

Other than being scaled down these images have not been manipulated in any way for good or bad. Unfortunately for much of the auction, my camera settings were grossly wrong. Many images were pitched due to this. Some got posted in spite of this. Also periodically there's an image with the white balance set wrong, such is life. Much of this could be corrected in post processing but unless someone really wants an image for something, it's not gonna happen.

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