Boggle Board Generator

First off, this is not endorsed by Hasbro or anyone else.

I like the game Boggle but was frustrated by the fact that Hasbro has stopped producing 5x5 Boggle games ("Big Boggle", "Boggle Deluxe", "Boggle Master").

So I wrote a quick Perl script to generate my own boards using the same letter frequencies as the 5x5 games. I typically print them out four to a page, cut them out and use them as needed, never using the same one twice (though the used ones make good scrap paper for writing words on). Alternately I can view them on screen.

I modified the script so it can be used as a CGI script or run from the command line. It will generate 4x4 boards as well (using the same dice as the 4x4 game). Depending on the image scale used it will create images that can be printed at 400 dpi (scale=100) down to smaller images that can be used in a web page or phone (scale=25).

A tarball with the script and the necessary letter graphics can be found here. You can look at the perl script here. Or you can just generate a board as needed with the following form:

image scale (4-100):
random seed: