Hocking Hills

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in 3D

April 20-21 2005

These are red-blue anaglyph type stereograms. The same pictures are available in a side by side paired format here. A few more of my Hocking Hills photos can be found here.

To view these photos you will need a standard pair of red/blue glasses (red on the left) that I've found with games, movies, on boxes of cereal, candy, etc.

These are some of the images I took in my most recent trip to the Hocking Hills Parks. I almost exclusively took stereoscopic images. This is my first real test of a box I made to synchronize the shutter release of a pair of Canon DSLR cameras (while keeping them completely electrically isolated). I put together a bracket to hold both cameras in parallel at varying distances apart using $10 worth of hardware from Lowes and borrowed a friends 10D and ran off to Hocking Hills. Unfortunately we don't have a matched lens between us so synchronizing wide angle zoom lenses with different ranges was a royal PITA and still required correction in photoshop after the fact. This is disregarding the color/contrast/flare differences between the lenses. On the other hand, the box and camera bodies themselves performed better than I could have hoped for. The synchronization of the shutters (with each other, not the button press) was within a hundredth of a second and possibly better.

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